Supporting Victims of Failed Cavity Wall Insulation. (Avoid signing up to claims companies who cold call)

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  1. Negotiating the minefield involved in gaining redress to correct the horror of failed cavity wall insulation can be gruelling. Here at CIVALLI we’re happy to share our experience and help you to fight your case. We make NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER (although donations to support our work are gratefully received). We are a voluntary service and cannot endorse any companies. ALWAYS CONTACT YOUR MP AND DIRECT THEM TO NEWS ON OUR WEBSITE ,inform your local Citizens' Advice Bureau and Trading Standards.

  2. We have recently been made aware of some claims companies/extraction firms cold calling and scaremongering. NEVER sign up to extractions or claims via a cold call. NEVER be talked in to problems that don't exist. Extraction can damage your property if it is not carried out sympathetically and carefully. Contact a well known local, reputable builder for advice. If your CWI has been guaranteed you should have your home restored to its pre CWI condition. This website does not replace expensive legal advice. For EWI- Contact

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MPs are the voice of their constituents. It is vital that you see yours. Take photos of your home and ask them to represent your case in Parliament. They work for you!

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