CIVALLI meets with TrustMark CEO Simon Ayres

CIVALLI representative Claire Eades met with TrustMark CEO Simon Ayres to discuss his desire to raise industry standards under the new Quality Mark framework. Simon discussed the work TrustMark has been doing to support new industry standards and requirements as well as consumer protection. The new standards are industry driven but Simon is ever mindful of the consumer plight. CIVALLI believes strongly that its success will be measured by the consumer journey when things go wrong and industry and Government response to that. CIVALLI also raised concerns about confusing advice and regulations surrounding  retrofit. CIVALLI supports a holistic response to energy efficiency with a highly skilled workforce which is sympathetic to the age, build and location of the property. Any improvements to consumer protection moving forward are welcomed but this does not help historical cases under the legacy schemes. It is our belief that consumer confidence can only be restored in the industry when historical cases are supported promptly and effectively and this needs to be urgently addressed.

Scottish Parliament raises concerns over shoddy retrofit 6th June 2017

The Scottish Parliament has raised concerns over retrofit measures carried out under the Green Deal. Consumers typically took out a loan at a higher than bank rate interest in order to buy in measures sold to them as 'energy saving'. In effect consumers took out loans to pay to have their homes damaged. In some cases making them difficult to sell. As with the rest of the UK, members of the Scottish Parliament were unable to pin down effective redress systems to help those affected. Under CERT and CESP measures which have damaged a multitude (but unknown number) of properties and lives were mostly delivered for free. However in some cases repairs have run in to several thousand pounds.