Pauline features on BBC TV Wales Programme - X Ray - 12 October 2015 at 7.30 pm

Viewer in the rest of the UK can get this programme on SKY Channel 952/Virgin Cable on 864

The programme features the work of CIVALLI and its massive efforts to gain Justice for the thousand of victims of failed cavity wall insulation.  

A Newport victim Heather who owns a property in Somerton, Newport South Wales is one of the hundreds of cases that CIVALLI is helping.  There are 250 properties on this estate owned by Newport City Housing which have all had the cavity wall insulation removed as a result of terrible damp and condensation problems caused by inappropriately installed cavity insulation.

We would like to thank Heather for being brave enough to appear on the programme - she told Pauline that she would do whatever if takes to try to help others in the same terrible predicament as herself.  

She want victims out there to be made aware of CIVALLI's help which is always available.