We have news that MARK GROUP which has 40% share of the cavity insulation business in this country has gone into liquidation.

This is a massive blow to the 1100 employees of Mark Group, who probably through no fault of their own are in the dreadful position of being out of work, but also means that many thousands of victims who have or are now making claims to the Mark Group for inappropriate/failed cavity wall insulation to their properties are now left in a devastating position.

CIVALLI has cases that are in exactly this awful position.  They are the lucky ones, they have us to support and advise them of alternative routes.

Other victims should now contact CIGA Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (details to be found on this site), and inform them of their claims against the Mark Group.

This is a massive burden to placed on CIGA.

We would advise you to contact us on as we have every confidence that we can provide you with free advise, support and a shoulder to cry on.

We too have been victims and know how it feels.