Pauline and Claire meet with Dr Peter Bonfield - CEO of the British Research Establishment

We were delighted to be invited to meet with Dr Peter Bonfield, the Chief Executive Officer of the British Research Establishment on 30 October 2015 at Southampton, and his assistant Alison Oliver.

Partly due to the pressure applied by CIVALLI on the Government Dr Bonfield has been commissioned by the Government to carry out a survey of the UK into energy saving measures... 

The meeting was highly informative and we were very please to find that the aims and objectives of CIVALLI are exactly those of Dr Bonfield.

One of Dr Bonfield's tasks is to investigate the problems within the current retrofit cavity wall insulation industry and he is also to advise the Government of a comprehensive, independent Consumer Complaints System and Ombudsman for the many thousands of victims of inappropriately installed cavity wall insulation across the UK

We are to going to work closely with Dr Bonfield and provide statistics and information where possible to assist in his tasks.

We look forward in a few months to a very positive outcome........