Major tribute paid to the work of CIVALLI by CIGA's Consumer Champion

Teresa Perchard's CIGA's Consumer Champion Review of Customer Service


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I pay tribute to the voluntary Cavity Insulation Victims' Alliance (CIVALLI) for its work helping individuals to track down the relevant installer.

However, I think the industry, including the major Energy Suppliers, OFGEM and the government should be ashamed that they have not put in place a proper and easy

 to use system for the consumer to be able to find out who installed a publicly funded government programme required insulation measure.  This is not a problem only CIGA can solve - though it should play its part and make its own handling of coomplaints as simple and straightforward as possible.

I am therefore also asking the Government's Bonfield Review to address this and come up with an appropriate consumer friendly solution and service to enable individuals to trace the identity of the installer of the cavity wall insulation at their property.

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