Frequently Asked Questions


Q My house has suffered from damp and/or condensation since having CWI installed, what should I do?

A Go back to the original installer ensuring that you give them a time scale to reply. If they’re defunct contact CIGA. Don’t be fobbed off. Keep a record of all correspondence and a timeline of events.

Q I don't know if I have a guarantee

A Contact CIGA . Also contact Ofgem. They have some information depending on the scheme.

Q I thought that my CWI was done under a Govt scheme but now I'm told it wasn't

A There have been a number of cases of door step selling where householders were told that the company was installing under a govt scheme. Many of these companies were subcontracted out by energy companies under an obligation imposed on them by the Govt. There may not have been any direct Govt funding.

Q Does this make the energy company liable for the damage to my home?

A It is worth finding out who the energy company is and insisting that you speak to someone senior. If you take legal action it may be worth discussing this with your solicitor.

Q How do I find out who the energy company was?

A Contact Ofgem and ask them if they hold address level information for your area. You could also ask this through a freedom of information request by posting on the 'What do they Know?' website. You could also phone the energy companies directly

Q The company has extracted from my home but refuses to acknowledge the serious interior damage to my property. I am left with thousands worth of interior damage.

A You should not be out of pocket for consequential damage caused by the installation of or as a result of CWI. If the company is still trading your home should be restored to how it was prior to CWI at their expense. If you have a 25 year Guarantee you should refer your case to The Guarantee scheme (usually CIGA but not exclusively. Refer to Ofgem Website for more info)

Q The company has extracted once but I don't think it's been done properly as the damp has returned. No damp was present in my property prior to CWI.

A Sadly we have had several complaints along these lines. Extraction has little regulation and is certainly not monitored by Govt. A personal view is that an extraction method should be used whereby you can actually see inside the cavity after CWI removal.  A brickwork specialist would be required to replace the bricks that have been removed at intervals along the wall(s). You could ask the views of local, reputable builders in your area.

Q I've contacted CIGA but they simply don't reply.

A Contact and explain the communication trail. Include a timescale by which time you expect a reply. If they don't reply ask your MP to contact them on your behalf. You could gently remind them on Twitter to respond to your query.

Q Should I see my MP?

A Absolutely YES and ask them to write to write to the current Energy Minister and Housing Minister on your behalf. Draw their attention to Parliamentary debates, newspaper articles and an EDM . Take photographs of the damage. Go and see them in person. If you feel that you are not making progress you could ask your MP to raise the issue in a Parliamentary Debate.

Q Should I get a surveyor to look at my property

A This is an option but it can be costly. Always use a RICS surveyor who understands CWI and make sure that they are not linked with the installer or CIGA. Always ask if they are independent. Expert Witness Surveys can be very Powerful. RICS operates a Chartered Surveyors Voluntary Service which they describe as ‘The Chartered Surveyors' Voluntary Service (CSVS) provides free property advice to people who would otherwise struggle to receive professional assistance.’ This should be accessed through CAB although it is not widely known.