Frequently Asked Questions


Q My house has suffered from damp and/or condensation since having CWI installed, what should I do?

A Go back to the original installer ensuring that you give them a time scale to reply. If they’re defunct contact CIGA. Don’t be robbed off.

Q I don't know if I have a guarantee

A Contact CIGA

Q I thought that my CWI was done under a Govt scheme but now I'm told it wasn't

A There have been a number of cases of door step selling where householders were told that the company was installing under a govt scheme. Many of these companies were subcontracted out by energy companies under an obligation imposed on them by the Govt. There may not have been any direct Govt funding.

Q Does this make the energy company liable for the damage to my home?

A It is worth finding out who the energy company is and insisting that you speak to someone senior. If you take legal action it may be worth discussing this with your solicitor.

Q How do I find out who the energy company was?

A Contact Ofgem and ask them if they hold address level information for your area. You could also ask this through a freedom of information request by posting on the 'What do they Know?' website. You could also phone the energy companies directly

Q The company has extracted from my home but refuses to acknowledge the serious interior damage to my property. I am left with thousands worth of interior damage.

A You should not be out of pocket for consequential damage caused by the installation of or as a result of CWI. If the company is still trading your home should be restored to how it was prior to CWI at their expense. If you have a 25 year Guarantee you should refer your case to The Guarantee scheme (usually CIGA)

Q The company has extracted once but I don't think it's been done properly as the damp has returned. No damp was present in my property prior to CWI.

A Sadly we have had several complaints along these lines. A personal view is that an extraction method should be used whereby you can actually see inside the cavity after CWI removal.  A brickwork specialist would be required to replace the bricks that have been removed at intervals along the wall(s)

Q I've contacted CIGA but they simply don't reply.

A Contact and explain the communication trail. Include a timescale by which time you expect a reply. If they don't reply ask your MP to contact them on your behalf.

Q Should I see my MP?

A Absolutely YES and ask them to write to Amber Rudd MP on your behalf. Draw their attention to the Parliamentary debate raised by John Denham (then MP for Southampton Itchen) 3/2/15 Take photographs of the damage.

Q Should I get a surveyor to look at my property

A This is an option but it can be costly. Always use a RICS surveyor and make sure that they are not linked with the installer or CIGA. Always ask if they are independent.