Following Cavity Wall insulation on my mother’s home, we were in total despair as to what to do with the walls as they appeared to be rotting dramatically, the wallpaper peeling and thick mould growing. After reading in the newspaper about Pauline Saunders and CIVALLI I contacted her. Almost immediately, we felt as though we were supported. She gave us well informed advice each step of the way, which has helped enormously. We are now well on the way to getting what we deserve and getting the house back to being our home again. Without Pauline’s support and advice I don’t know where we’d be. We are so grateful. She is a wonderful, passionate and driven lady who deserves a medal! Thank you, thank you, thank you! E.G
I would like to thank Pauline Saunders for her time and help, without her help and support, I would have not known what direction to turn. Pauline has taken up her own time in advising me on the issues of the failed non-compliant CWI that was installed at my property. I was getting nowhere until I made contact with Pauline, with her advice it allowed me to continue with my battle and my case isnow in the hands of a solicitor.

Without Pauline’s help I would still be battling and still getting nowhere, Pauline has always helped me stay positive, she is a very compassionate lady and she is an extremely kind hearted, considering Pauline isn’t making any revenue from what she does.

Thank you Pauline, you are a star. C.S. Dorset
Trying to remedy a failed cavity wall installation has been a nightmare! All my enquiries and fact finding missions has led me absolutely nowhere, as no company, association or agency has been willing to accept responsibility for the damage caused to my home. Then everything changed when I contacted Pauline Saunders. Pauline has been a portal to a mound of information, providing my Husband and I with routes that can be followed to procure a satisfactory solution to our problem. If one door closes, she looks for the next one immediately. She never gives up, never gives in, and is always upbeat about anything that she is trying to do. We are still continuing to find justice for the predicament that my Husband and I are in, but if it wasn’t for Pauline’s intervention and support, we’d have probably given up our quest by now.” C from North Wales